What is eating my Lupins ? Aphids ? Green Bugs

What is eating my Lupins ?

Usually you will find Aphids eating your lupins, these are a small green bug that have lots of legs and regenerate very frequent.

An aphid infestation can sometimes be hard to control.

How to control Aphids on my Lupins?

Many people use a spray bottle filled with a dilute of milk and water this also helps to also prevent mildew on lupins.
Others use a tiny amount of soapy washing up liquid with a mix of water and spray these directly onto the lupin plants effected by bugs. This dries the coating of the aphids which in turn kills them off, but be careful not to cover any beneficial good bugs like ladybirds only spray the aphids which are often on stems or under large leaves on your infested plants.

Q. What have you found most useful to control Aphids on Lupin Plants?

To be fair the most effective way I have personally found is Rose Clear.

Although this isnt natural, when used early in the morning or well after the bees / pollinators have gone bed in the late evening its is very effective.


Also see our guide on How to attract Ladybirds to your garden for Natural Aphid Pest Control

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