How to harvest Lupin Seeds / Save Lupin Plant Seed ?

How to harvest Lupin Seed / Save Lupin Seeds?

Lupin flowers are a beautiful plant which come in a wide variety of colours ranging from purples, pinks, yellows and whites. Often its a good idea to save lupin seeds from a healthy plant to grow on the following year.

Heres a quick guide on saving lupin seeds

To simply save lupin seed from your flowering plant you will need the following items.
1. A brown paper envelop or seed saver packet to place the seeds into
2. A tub to collect the pods
3. Time


See photo above of lupin seeds in seed pods

If you have not already it is a good idea to label your lupin plants throughout the growing season with the colour and variety that particular plant is, this makes it easier in the future for when harvesting seeds from your plants so you can label the seeds correctly.


Now your ready!

First choose your plant you wish to harvest seed from, here we have a lupin plant “Lupin gallery white” my personal favourite


See photo above of a lupins plant pods where the lupin seed is not ready to harvest. One way you can tell this is because the lupin pod is still green. If you open them at this stage the seeds will be moist inside. Wait until the lupins seed pods have turned black like the photo below.



Once the seed pods have turned dark and when you shake the seed pods you can hear the seeds within the pod rattle, then the lupin seeds are ready to harvest.

Squeeze the seed pods gently to open them, if you do this too hard then the seeds can shoot out.



Feel free to leave me a comment with how you are getting on saving lupin seeds or if you found this guide useful ?