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Got Questions? I have the Answers!

Frequently asked questions here at S1TE

Q. Where are you based?
A. I am located in the heart of Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Q. Do you host your clients in the UK?
A. Yes I only webhost all clients within the UK, I do this for a good number of reasons, one is to enable a dedicated and speedy service to you the client or your website customers, two if there should ever be a problem… the fixing time should take less time too.

Q. Do you print your services in-house
A. I use a local printer to where I am based, I too believe in supporting other local business and allow them to specialise in printing while I create the designed digital artwork.

Q. With your website design services are you able to come to us?
A. Yes I are more than happy to travel and come to you, sometimes even out of business hours if required. I also use skype to keep in contact with clients.

Q. We would like an ecommerce shop building, can you add the products for us?
A. Sure, as part of my services I can add all products you require, resize images, if you like I can photograph them too? any aspect of my service can be tailored to you… however great or small. Thats the advantage of having someone directly to contact.

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Q. What are your terms and conditions / privacy policy / GDPR info?
A. See this link for further information on the above question terms and conditions.

One More Question?

Please feel free to get intouch with me if you have any questions on my graphic design services…

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