Growing Tomatoes in Containers or Pots / How To Guide & Tips?

Growing tomatoes from seed in containers or pots is a great hobby and interest. Especially if you have children or grand children to show and help to learn how to grow your own.


Parts you will require to grow tomatoes in containers

  • tomato seeds either purchased or saved from the previous year (note these can vary widely in variety) bush, tall,
  • suitable outdoor container or pot
  • multi purpose compost
  • fish bone and blood plant feed

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Fill your pots with the multi purpose compost, compressing it down and water well. This will give your tomato seeds a nice bed to start germinating from.

Once complete, simply place your tomato seeds into your compost and place them in a warm sunny position, ideally a windowsill.

Images show seeds Planted 6-2-16 ( Moneymaker Tomatoes )

Tomato plants grown in pots


These tomato seeds are placed in a windowsill in a conservatory for maximum light.


You will know your seeds are growing well when their first true leaves show, they look similar to a cloud – as shown in the photo below.

Once your plants grow on from the above, they will then be ready to be transplanted into their final container.

I placed 2 plants in each container.

I grew two large tomato bush plants in a 30cm x 70cm container filled with multipurpose compost and soil from a good growbag.

Here is an example of how they will look once planted up into a container.

growing-tomatoes-in-containers Once they have started growing on well, you will see small yellow flowers forming, where you will then need to encourage bees or strong winds for the plants to be pollinated. I often companion plant other flowers like marigolds / sun flowers round them to encourage bees etc.


Remember at this point when the yellow flowers start forming and then once pollinated are turning into tomatoes they need feeding heavily with a high quality feed like this.

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Here are some photos of the tasty fruits growing on and once they start to ripen from green to become red you can then harvest and pick these tomatoes. Enjoy!


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Here is a photo of 3 cordon variety Beef tomato plants grown in containers (NOT BUSH)