Growing Strawberries in Containers or Pots / How To Guide & Tips?

A great and handy guide to Growing Strawberries in Containers or Pots

Here is a simple guide to growing summer strawberry plants in containers or post.

A checklist of items

  • Multipurpose compost
  • Container or pot you wish to plant your strawberries into
  • Slow release plant / veg food
  • The strawberry plants – (Im using Albion variety)

To start with fill your container or pot with the multi purpose compost, simply mix this up as you place it into the container to add air into the soil. Next pour some strawberry plant feed into the multipurpose compost this will give your new plants a great start and all being well provide you with lovely fresh strawberries throughout the growing season.


Placing in the strawberry plants

In the 70cm x 30cm container pots Im using, I have placed 5 strawberry runner plants into the space. This will allow enough room for the plants to bush out and fruit.


More photos from 3 year old strawberry plants 🙂


Strawberries Growing out of a container


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