Growing Butternut Squash in Containers or Pots / How To Guide & Tips?

A handy guide to growing butternut squash in containers


Checklist of items needed for growing your own butternut squash

  • Choose a container or pot you wish to use
  • Multipurpose compost
  • Butternut Squash seeds or plants
  • Plant food / veg feed

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Firstly fill up your pot / container with a good quality multipurpose compost, the more time you spend preparing your containers with good quality items to start with… will essentially give you greater results. Mix in a good quality plant food or veg feed, this will also help add oxygen to the compost which will allow your plants to thrive as they grow roots from the seeds / plants.

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Planting the plants / seeds

Place the butternut squash seeds or plants into the bed of compost, for my example (70cm x 30cm pot) I planted 2 plants into my pot as the squash plant family tend to spread out (similar to pumpkin plants)


Once the butternut squash has started to form, cut away the plants foliage to enable to the butternut squash to get bigger by enabling the plant to focus all its energy into growing the squash. See photos of the butternut squash growing in a container from small to large

growing-butternut-squash-in-a-container butternut-squash-grown-in-a-container butternut-squash-harvested-from-being-grown-in-container


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