Growing Beetroot in Containers or Pots / How To Guide & Tips?

Tips for growing beetroot in containers or pots in your back garden.

Growing Beetroot How To Guide & Tips

Things you will need

  • A container or pot you wish to use, this can be round or straight
  • Seeds of the variety you wish to grow and plant
  • A good quality multipurpose compost
  • Plant food or suitable feed to mix into the compost

Firstly wash out your container and leave to dry, this clears off any bacteria that may have formed on the pot especially if the pot or container has been reused. Place handfuls of multi purpose compost into the container filling it half way and firm down, this then leaves a nice soil bed for you to plant your beetroot seeds onto.

Place your seeds into the soil and keep the seeds moist. Arrange your selected beetroot seeds onto the soil in your container at a spacing of  10cm this will then leave enough room for them to grow and become a good size.


As they start to show

As your beetroot seeds start to show they will look like this. Keep them in a nice and sunny position to help strengthen them.



Here is a photo of beetroot grown last year and the harvest !



They will take time to grow so be patient.

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