Growing Raspberries in Containers or Pots / How To Guide & Tips?

A simple guide to Growing Raspberries in Containers or Pots

Here is a list of items you will need

Checklist for growing your own raspberries

  • Container or pot you wish to plant your raspberry rooted cuttings into
  • 3 rooted raspberry canes
  • Multi purpose compost
  • Plant food / raspberry feed

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To start fill the container with the multipurpose compost, I don’t usually add anything at the bottom for drainage as the containers usually dry out fast as they are dependent on the type you use. Mix in a good quality plant food / raspberry feed, remember this is what your raspberry plants will use to feed on throughout the season. I use miracle grow’s slow release fertiliser which lasts a couple of months.

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The raspberry canes Im planting is the “Autumn Bliss” variety

Create fist type holes into the compost and place your rooted raspberry canes into each of them. Ive planted 3 raspberry plants within my 70cm x 30cm area, which will allow enough room for the raspberry cains to grow. Simply firm over the compost and water them in well with an upside down watering can spout.

As they grow on remember to water and feed them well with a 7-7-7 multipurpose feed like this which encourages fruits and the rasperry to fill out and plump up. 


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