Growing French Marigold Plants from Seed / How To Guide & Tips?

Growing marigold plants from seed, a simple how to guide.

Checklist of things you need

  1. Seed tray or container
  2. Seed / cutting compost suitable for young seeds (muli purpose is often fine)
  3. plant label and a marker
  4. Marigold seeds either from a new packet or saved from the previous year

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Lets get growing !

Place your marigold seeds on a bed of multi-purpose compost in a seed tray or gravel tray. Space them out roughly 3cm each, as they grow you can thin out the weaker marigold seedlings keeping the stronger ones for great healthy plants.

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On your plant lable, simply put the date you have planted your seeds one side and what type the marigold seeds are. Especially do this if you are planting or growing other seeds.

Cover the seeds with a fine compost so you can no longer see them, firm it down lightly and give them a good watering.

Store in a warm dry place until the marigold seeds germinate, usually after 7 – 10 days.


Once your seeds start shooting and become visible

Remove them from your warm and dry place, and place on a windowsill… this will allow light to strengthen your seedlings / young plants.

Over the next few weeks, your marigold seeds will become young plants growing from strength to strength.

Time to pot them on

This image above shows the marigold seeds potted on into small pots, for each pot I have placed 2 marigold plants so they will grow together. Over the next few weeks the roost should get stronger and the plants will develop their first couple of true leaves.

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Its now Mid May and the marigold seeds are coming on a treat, even with some showing their first few flower heads. Remember at this point a weekly feed of 7-7-7 plant food is well recommended to bring them on and flower fantastically well.

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Feel free to leave me a comment with how you are getting on or if you found this guide useful ?

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