How to harvest and save Delphinium seeds ?

A simple guide how to harvest and save Delphinium seeds

Harvest and saved Delphinium seeds can be used the following year to grow new beautiful flowers on from seed.

Wait for the seed pods to flower and go over [see photo ]

Once they have turned a dark brown colour and have dried out, if you have a wheel barrow handy which is clean simply tip the plant head with the attached seed pods upside down. The seeds will then fallout from the delphinium seed pods showering your wheel barrow with new seeds.


Its really good to save your delphinium seeds in brown paper seed envelopes like these else they could rot the seeds before planting for the next season and we dont really want that, the safest way you can save your seeds the better.


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A good tip / advice

Some advice would be, before the delphinium flower head dies off and goes.
Place a plant label with the delphinium variety and colour next to the plant to make it easier to distinguish which seeds you will be harvesting.


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