How to propigate Hydrangeas for growing your own extra plants and flowers

Here is a how to guide on how to propigate Hydrangeas for growing your own extra plants and flowers.

In this article we are going to use the water method.

Items you will need…

  • clear containers or glass bottles
  • clean secuters for cutting See Amazon for a good set
  • hand gardening gloves
  • a healthy mother plant to propigate from

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Start by filling your containers or glass bottles with water – ideally rain water is best as this is fresh and natural.


Next we need to choose what stems from the mother plant we would like to cut. As this illustration here choose a stem which looks although it wont be flowering that is approx 8-10 inches long with 2 leaf nodes on.


Once you are past that point and at that length cut the stem off by holding it at a diagonal angle. We are next going to snip the remaiing lower leaves off leaving 3-4 leaves left at the top only. This is so the cuttings do not dry out and die while they are making their own root system.





It really is that simple. Place no more than 2 cuttings per jar or container and leave for 3-4 weeks regulary topping up the water through the coming days. Keep the cutting jars out of direct sunlight “so in a shaded area of the garden and away from sources of heat”.

How long! ?

It wil take around 3-4 weeks for the roots to show on the new hydraga stem cuttings. Once there is a healthy root system then they are ready for potting on… follow for the next step soon.

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A follow-up will be posted once the cuttings are a month old.