Setting up a Hotbin Composter – How I did it – Getting Started !

So my new HotBin Mini composter arrived today 🙂
I could not wait to get it started!

Included in the big box is the following...

  • Composter – Hotbin
  • Stiring Handle
  • Bottle for hot water (if below 5 degrees outside temp)
  • Instructions
  • Long thermometer (for inside)
  • Woodchip/Bark to kick start the process

I have positioned the composter on a level slab surface at the side of my house for easy access to fill the Hotbin in future.

Lets Start !

To get it started I have placed the woodchip into the bottom of the hotbin, roughly about an inch high from the base inside. Next I have then added paper towl , cardboard , grass clippings with some added trimmed twig bushes from the garden all the way upto the fill line inside where the composter is needed – to start its process.

Currently its temperature reading is 20 degrees, so I do not need to use the supplied water bottle at this time. I still have 2 flexi buckets of grass clippings, bush trimmings and paper ready to load into the hotbin.
Sadly I cant add this yet as I need to wait a week for the composter to warm up to its ideal temperature of between 40-60°c.

Im just awaiting it to warm up so I can add the rest of my kick start materials and be well on my way to fantastic compost from my new Hotbin.