Growing Sweet Peas from Seed Guide How To Guide & Tips?

A simple guide to Growing Sweet Peas from Seed

Checklist sweet pea guide

  • Multi purpose seed / cutting compost
  • Sweet pea seeds – these can be saved from the previous year or a newly brought packet
  • Watering can with fine rose
  • See tray

Firstly mix some of the multipurpose seed / cutting compost into the seed tray and moisten. This will give the sweet pea seeds a nice bed to start to germinate from.
Simply push the pea like seeds into the compost and wet again. Keep the seeds between 10 and 20 degrees for ideal germination, a warm sunny windowsill is ideal for sweet pea seeds to germinate.


Now their an inch tall

Once they are starting to show their first true leaves then your new sweetpea plants are ready to pot on.


Here is a photo of sweet peas grown from seeds

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