Happy New Year From The S1TE Team

Here at S1TE we would like to wish all clients new/old and users a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Please stick with us over the coming months as we have many future updates planned.

Happy New Year – From the S1TE team!


Leicester Graphics Design and Website Development

S1TE is 1 Year Old TODAY! Happy B-Day!

Well its here, S1TE.net ‘s 1st Anniversary !!!

Its been a good first year and may it continue… We have many plans for the s1te that will start to take effect soon – Ready for the new year. Stick with us for new updates shortly, including some interesting projects.

With a dedicated server – theirs no limit !

Major Update : Coming Soon to www.s1te.net

There has been many changes on S1TE.net and there is still more to come… Stick With us as we publish more news and reviews then ever before. S1TEnet .


EARTH is here! Our New S1TE Web Server

” Earth ” has been born !

Our new dedicated S1TE server named ” Earth ” was born earlier today.
All set & ready to host and transmit gigabytes of data across the web.
Hosted in the UK by a New secure 100% Uptime datacentre.

Look out for more Shortly as S1TE will be constantly expanding.
23rd Feb 2008

S1TE Ticket Support

S1TE PHP Support Ticket System
Setup to allow many requests from a large number of users to help interact and communicate.


all combined as part of the S1TE UK website design service.

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