Growing Strawberries in hanging baskets for loads of fruits for harvest

What to do next if you have saved strawberry runners into pots or even if you have purchased your strawberries from the local garden centre.

The ideal hanging baskets are the ones with the pop out sections that will allow you to place the strawberry plants around the outside as well as on the top.

This makes it easier to pot up but also enables the strawberry fruits to hang around the outside when they start fruiting.

Shown here on the right is the hanging basket Im using for my new strawberry plants “which were saved from runners” that come from 4 year old plants. I placed a small plastic water bottle in the centre that has 4 holes made in the sides, this will enable me to water and feed the centre of the hanging basket with it being closer to the roots of the strawberry plants.

In total there are 6 plans on the outside edge of the hanging basket, I only added 1 plant per slot as the plants will grow to a good large size.

Here is a side on view

This left photo shows how the basket planter looks from the side before I continue to add more strawberry plants to the rest of the hanging basket.

I added more multipurpose compost to the top of the basket covering the roots of the previous plants I had already put in firming it down.

Next I placeed in 6 more strawberries but between the gaps where I had placed the previous 6, so in alternate spacing as in the image below.

The basket now has a total of 12 plants in all…. beating my old strawberry containers / pots which only had 5 per planter.

So I have doubled the capacity but with less space. Win Win.

Strawberries grown in a hanging basket

The finished result. Simply re-seal the bottle with the bottle cap until you need to water the basket, this will stop dirt or bugs from falling into the centre.

After a few months, your new strawberry hanging basket should start to bare fruits, which you can enjoy – year after year!

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