Magento Theme Design & Development

Here at S1TE we are able to create and build custom Magento themes to suit any current online shopping design, whether it be a fixed page design or more advanced blog.

We have moved over to Magento from Prestashop as it seems to have become the largest and widely popular online shop platforms to develop an e-commerce store! With frequent community updates, and backed by a whole name of well known brands… each new release continues to get better than the release before. Not only does Magento almost do anything required for the end user but the Magentocommerce development team have won many awards over recent years!

At S1TE we always aim to support the latest versions of Magento due to security reasons and aim to keep all clients up-to date with each release.

If you have any questions or would like to learn some more, please feel free to

Prestashop Theme Design & Development

Here @ S1TE we are able to design and build custom Prestashop themes and online shopping templates.

Prestashop has now become one of the largest and popular platforms to develop an e-commerce store! With frequent updates, and user input being taken into consideration by the Prestashop development team… each release just gets better and better. Not only that, they have also won many open source awards for many years running!

At S1TE we always aim to support the latest Prestashop versions due to security reasons, but also down to the ease of use, which helps enhance the customers online shopping order process.

We have followed Prestashops development from versions v1.1 v1.2 v1.3 v1.4 v1.5 as well as the intermediate beta builds (RC) of Prestashop.

Aimee Harrison Model Portfolio

Aimee Harrison Model Portfolio and Gallery

The Breif:
To create a online Z card for an up and coming model including many aspects of art and design.

The site was designed & created here at S1TE and is hosted on the S1TE server, generating many hits per day.

Imagery Projects Photography

Imagery Projects Photography

To create an online photography portfolio that displays images in a gallery format.

B1K3R – Motorbike Motorcycle Portal Site

B1K3R Bike Site – Aimed for all riders of motorcycles, no matter what you ride… you and your motorbike will be welcome at B1K3R !

B1K3R is a site dedicated to all owners of bikes, it doesn’t matter what make you ride you can chat about them all there.

Lancre Lunch Box Cafe Website

Lancre Lunch Box online cafe

Lancre Lunch Box is an online cafe website, aimed as the main advertising source for a local sandwich shop.
Created in 2 theme’s Blue & Orange

Live for Speed – LFS Speed Freaks

LFS Speed Freaks Racing Team – Live For Speed

Speed Freaks is a site created for a online car game racing team. The game they are apart of is Live for Speed LFS. The aim was to have a simple yet usefull clean design.


Ebozz Free Online Image Hosting

Ebozz Free Image Hosting

Ebozz is a site designed as a image hosting service, which provides people all over the world the opertunity to share picture by creating a gallery, and use ../images for various sites such as forums and ebay. With over 1,000 users and growing daily.

Link: – Scooter Website – Your window on the world of Scootering

Scootz is a personal site which I created in 2000. It provides visters with the latest news, reviews, information, large gallery and more in its ease of use design. Since scootz started it has become a very popular site with scooterists all over the world with a daily average of 50 hits.


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